Rec Room, briefly

  • I can’t properly review the Benoît Pioulard show I attended at Le Poisson Rouge this Tuesday since my experience of the concert was laced with intense nostalgia (The Freud Café in Oxford, England; road trips to New York; the masterpiece Radiohead concert at Southpark in 2001 that was the start of such a beautiful friendship), but with objectivity I can say that you’re truly missing out if you’re not listening to this fine young man’s music.
  • Two wonderful stories discovered while catching up with McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern–“Bird Feed” by Ashlee Adams (beautiful for perfectly capturing the tone of one woman’s sad, quiet life and showing the possibilities ahead of her. A contrast in a surrogate and biological motherhood, what’s expected in those relationships and what reality gives us), and “The Crack” by Mikel Jollet (just verges on the edge of characters too quirky for their own good, but the sobering, sweet ending saves it from being self-consciously twee).

Readers should wait with bated breath for: Thoughts on Jesus in film, Slumdog Millionaire, Patrick Wolf, and my ongoing battle with David Foster Wallace (R.I.P.)


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