Mid-Year Resolutions

I apologize for the prolonged absence, and I will get back to regularly-scheduled posting as soon as I can. In lieu of that I wanted to lay out a few of my entertainment related goals for the summer:

  1. Participate in Infinite Summer. You know what this means? I’ll finally finish the literary albatross that’s been sitting on my shelf for seven years now (I’ve made it up to around page 300, I think…I may need to find a cliff’s notes to refresh myself as to what I’ve already read, since I’m sure as hell not starting from the top). If the mood strikes me, I may post my observations along the way (or just send you along to those who are making more astute comments than I.) I will say this, from what I’ve read so far. The reason I still haven’t given up on Infinite Jest is that it’s so clearly brilliant. At times it seems like Foster Wallace was throwing his various themes and tones at the page and seeing what stuck, but even if one were to belittle this book as nothing more than an excercise in developing style, it’s an impressively compelling one nonetheless.
  2. Finally get around to watching the end of The Sopranos (I know!). Now, of course I know about the (in)famous series finale, but I’m hazy on the details of Season 6, Part 2. It’s strange that I fell off the wagon at this point, seeing as how I’d watched the show religiously for years. When I first encountered it, we still didn’t have cable at home, so my brother had taped the first two seasons for us as a Christmas present. My parents were immediately addicted, staying way up past their bedtime, watching for marathon stretches, and soon brought me into the fold. The compelling, novel premise of the show (and the fact that Nancy Marchand as Livia sounded exactly like my paternal grandmother) was enough to get us hooked. Since it’s been so long, however, I’m going to start from the very beginning–and I’m really curious to see how the seasons tie together when you watch them back to back. I don’t remember the Sopranos being as baroquely constructed as other HBO gems The Wire and Deadwood (another show I’m on a roll with–watched the entirety of season 1 over the weekend and am hoping to follow soon with S2 and 3.), but I could still use a refresher on the ins-and-outs of the Soprano clan and all their hangers-on.

But when I have a free moment, look for reviews of the latest from St. Vincent, Peter Bjorn and John–and hopefully, a live show or three. If I’m feeling daring, I may toss some books and telly in there as well. Happy summer, everyone!


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