Mme Catastrophe’s Time-Suck Friday

So I didn’t write in this blog for nearly two months. Here’s how I was otherwise squandering my time:

-I’m weirdly fixated on live-blogs of books lately, and also with Twilight criticism. Because those books are so deeply wrong on so many levels, and so deliciously cracktastic, and there’s this huge community that just doesn’t seem to get either of those things. It’s like how I used to take Dawson’s Creek seriously. But anyway, Cleolinda’s Twilight blogs are truly hilarious for the ever-increasing sarcasm and incredulity as the “saga” unfolds. I don’t think anyone should read these books, but many people would appreciate this woman’s recap of the last, Mormons-on-acid book in the quartet.

-Reading that lead me to Mark Reads Twilight–in which the man foams at the mouth over the quality of the writing and offensive messages strewn copiously throughout these books. Then he moved on to Harry Potter, and his chapter-by-chapter reviews of the series is as close as I’ll probably get to reading the series fresh, and he’s also hilariously funny in depicting how  these books can break a grown-man’s heart. I particularly like the sad-meme montage after Harry’s parents’ spirits appear out of his wand at the end of Goblet of Fire.

-I went to camp with Paz de la Huerta–the thing I remember most is that she used to borrow my face wash. Now she’s a very famous actor/model/muse and gives interviews like this one that make my eyebrows raise another few centimeters every other paragraph. But that girl is a hot mess, in a really deliciously gossipy way.

-The wonderfully sick British comedy Peep Show is now available on Hulu. My dear friend Tom had me over to watch this and drink PG Tips last year while we lived in the Alps with nothing to do, and I’m forever grateful. Think a modern-day Odd Couple, but with ten times the discomfort of the original U.K. Office.

-Last awesome British import discovered while gorging on my parents’ 900 cable channels: Law & Order U.K. All the popcorn-addictiveness of the World-Famous Original Ray’s version, but with wigs and charming accents. It’s really strange to hear Jamie Bamber with an English accent after Battlestar Galactica, but I’m certainly not complaining.


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