Oscar Death Race: The Saga Continues

I’m ashamed to say I got a bit sidetracked in my Death Race screenings (what else is new?), but I’m planning to knock off a bunch more before Sunday night. Yes, this means I’m not going to watch Wolfman or Salt. I’ve only got five days left, and I won’t waste it on crap. Happily, this is a year where at least the major nominees are all quality films. Were there other, potentially better films made? Sure. But it’s nice to see a bunch of movies nominated that as a whole are all worth watching.

Here’s what I’ve knocked off in between Grey’s Anatomy marathons (I…have no excuse, really):

127 Hours: I put off watching this one for obvious reasons (spoilers in that link if you live under a rock (…heh.)), but as an avid fan of both Danny Boyle and The James Franco Experience, I’m glad I finally checked it out. I’m of two minds about the story-telling devices used: on the one hand, Ralston really experienced the visions and epiphanies that Franco has in the film, but it’s a case of something that is both genuine and–at least when portrayed cinematically–cheesy. That said, I thought that Boyle’s visual style worked really well in conveying the reality of being trapped under that rock, from the ethereal beauty of sunlight creeping in, to the disgusting crawl of urine traveling through a CamelBak straw. Like Renton diving into the Worst Toilet in Scotland or sinking six feet deep into a carpet, he manages to convey the un-conveyable. And as this somewhat mixed review from the SF Chronicle points out, his use of sound is absolutely visceral.

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